Surgery to replace a sick kidney with a healthy kidney from a donor is known as a kidney transplant. The kidney may originate from a living or a deceased organ donor. One of the kidneys of family members or suitable candidates may be donated. A live transplant is the name given to this kind of transplant. Donors of kidneys can live healthy lives with one functioning kidney. Most frequently, a transplant recipient receives just 1 kidney. Rarely, he or she can receive two kidneys from a deceased donor. Usually, the damaged kidneys are not removed. The lower belly on the front side of the body is where the donated kidney is inserted. If you have end-stage renal disease (ESRD), a kidney transplant might be necessary. Kidney failure is a persistent condition. You frequently need dialysis. This procedure cleans the blood of wastes and other materials. Urinate to remove urea and other liquid waste from the blood. When proteins found in foods like meat, poultry, and some vegetables are broken down by the body, urea is produced. The blood transports urea to the kidneys

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