Kidney Stone Surgery

Kidney stone surgery addresses the presence of solid mineral deposits in the kidneys, called kidney stones. These stones form from concentrated urine minerals and can cause severe pain, urinary issues, and potential kidney damage if left untreated. Causes include dehydration, certain diets high in oxalates or sodium, metabolic disorders, and family history. Treatment options range from non-invasive methods like hydration and pain management to surgical procedures such as lithotripsy (breaking up stones with shock waves) or surgical removal. Duration of treatment varies based on stone size, composition, and patient factors. To avoid kidney stones, it's essential to stay well-hydrated, maintain a balanced diet low in sodium and oxalates, limit consumption of certain foods (like spinach and nuts), and manage underlying medical conditions contributing to stone formation. Regular medical check-ups can also help identify risk factors early.

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Kidney Stone Surgery in Rohini
Kidney Stone Surgery in Pitampura
Kidney Stone Surgery in Hari Nagar
Kidney Stone Surgery in Uttam Nagar

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